From the recording Monstrosadus!


Aim your gaze
With my direction
Close your eyes
So you can see
Narrow your focus
To witness perfection
Perspective can be
A skeleton key
The new era of slavery awaits

What will you do
With this information?
Now that you have seen
The way it connects
Go back to life
And don't make a sound
Slowly drowning
In your last regrets
Only to perish with the rest
Living only to fail the test

Over thinking makes us over compensate
Life's simplicity and fundamentals die
All that we can do is react our own way
It can change in the blink of an eye
Great deeds come from
Great opportunities
Great failures stem from
Great arrogance

Freedom senses its demise
Go on your way or follow the wise

So rise up from your shackles of fear

Cast aside those too afraid to speak
Just leave behind the fearful and the weak