Liberation Sound

Liberty Center, OH

Liberation Sound is a music production and music publishing project studio located in Liberty Center, OH created in 2010 by Brad Babcock.  While the majority of projects completed here are in-house bands and other types of works, many other local bands and artists have worked with us whether it be recording drums, vocals, or other smaller projects as well as full-length albums.

Since construction commenced in 2010, Liberation Sound has been the home all of Brad's bands including Common Hatred, Sweet Assault, Monstrosadus, and Red-Eye To Vegas.  All writing sessions, rehearsing, and recording have taken place here since that time.  The building is also used for Brad's music composition for stock music  many other writing projects over the years.  It has been a teaching studio for many students in both drums/percussion and piano as well.

In addition to writing and recording  for original music, Brad has also worked with many people who needed other types of recording services including such projects as: karaeoke recording, voice- over book reading,  audion recordings, cassette tape clean-up, digital audio clean-up,  audio restoration, audio re-formatting, mxing, and mastering.

On this website you will find all you need to know regarding Liberation Sound and associated musicians and projects.  You will our artists respective catalogs here available for download and well as other mechandise.  Please sign-up for our mailing list if you want to be privy to all new releases and information in the future.