1. 9. God Complex

From the recording Monstrosadus!


Welcome to my sanctuary
A place I go to every night
Design the things of great importance
Limits don't put up a fight

Struggling to just get by
Every single day
Chained myself way deep inside
Now I can always stay
Re-made my life inside these walls
All problems set aside
Insane with freedom I've become
One final dream untied

Welcome to my sanctuary
The place I live and never die
Here I retain absolute power
Only keeping things that I like

I never thought a life could be
Free of conflict, no bad luck
Always pleased and never hungry
So productive, never stuck
Never lonely anymore
For life I have created
Every thought I have takes form
To God I am related

Then one day everything changed
All that was once sharp, now dull
Conflict so long estranged
Every detail too peacful
I yearned for a mess to clean up
Begged for a massacre
And just like the good that was wrought
My designs turned to rapture

Ignorance destroyed by chaos
Unprepared to die this way
Crushed beneath my sheer power
The realm I authored, laid to waste

Can't wake up
Can't wake up