From the recording Sleeping Through The Apocalypse


Crawl from the mud into the sand
live long enough to take my hand
drown in the depths of reasons why
now i could never say goodbye...

systematic process, ultimate negation
this is what controls you from the helm of slumber
falling faster in time, you will now become mine

drowning in a lukewarm slow motion
i am finally able to accept this illusion

obligation of truth, cold hypocrisy of fear
second sight of inside, blinded by a memory
jagged, pale, and hollow, this is all that i know

waiting with this godlike precision
i am finally able to accept this absolution

Ive come to find the reason why this solitude is where I'll die
breathe for now
Its fine as long as i hold on to what is real, I called my home
but Ive stayed for too long in this dream where my lips are as blue
as the ocean that is burning me, breathing no more I can finally see...

and i found a way i can lose myself
when you clear the wrong, its the right thats left
and I'll see the same from a blind man's view
because it lives in me as its killing you...

Im done with bullshit of past horizons
cant fucking destroy my realization

can you understand the lie and would it even help to try
to know all of the things you love are just ghosts of a life above
but if i ever knew my name, once i quit this bullshit game
I wont be the same

a swift descent into unknown, if nothing else this trip has shown
I will find my way again, I will fall...

you will learn how to..
crawl from the sand into the blood
live long enough to survive this flood
drown in the depths of a blackened sky
now Ive already said goodbye

Its not over

your empty warnings were just that
its not what you claimed it would be
i will fulfill this new prophecy
and become everything that you could not