From the recording Sleeping Through The Apocalypse


This time try to find a way to accept the grey
Here they come again to victimize
That’s why they won’t find a way to accept the grey

Every word that they shoot takes a little more
Bleeding from our ears til we hate ourselves
Being forced to walk through that iron door
Leading us to our own hells
End this now
Every day I would think about what I’d do to make em see this desolation

The last thing they’ll hear as nails rain from the sky
Is my faceless laughter from the shadows of the bridge

This can be won if we only try, strength in weakness can be found
Don’t back down

This time try to find a way to accept the grey

I don’t think that I can do this alone
The lines of hate and sorrow blur together making us whole
Take back what you did, regret what you did
There’s no redemption for crucifixion
It’s time to begin this act of revenge by learning from your wounds and building from them

Why can’t you understand what I have seen through these eyes of dead fear?
I won’t let them take me away from all that I once had with me
I will try to maintain, and be calm, and stay sane…

For me I won’t follow through with this disgust we have for you
All the times you fail we’ll gladly smile in silence again

I don’t think we’ll ever try to be the same as you
Walking ‘round this square four and four and two by two
Held this superficial contest based on what you see
These stupid motherfuckers always got the best of me

Contemplate the way you got your crown
It fades away just like the rest
Never thought I’d see the day when you were down

Find a way, see through this pain
No understanding of who we are
There’s only one, the one thing I need you to do is
Accept the grey

Endings aren’t always what they seem to be in life
We’re okay