Est. 2010


Audio Production
Let's keep this simple. Pricing for audio production of all types starts at $100.00 per song. This includes all editing, mixing, and mastering for each song.  Songs exceeding 6:00 minutes may be subject to an additional charge.

Audio Restoration
Cleaning up audio whether it is removing annoying noise or pops and clicks, as well as getting the audio to the proper volume.  I will also deliver the restored audio in your desired format. This service costs $20.00 per hour.        

Video Production   
Specializing in play-along videos and other music related videos but I am open to other video projects.  Music related video projects cost $100.00 per song with an additional charge for songs exceeding 6:00 minutes.

Session Drumming

Have songs you've written but no drummer to play along with?  I will compose, perform, and record drums tracks for your recordings.  These drum tracks will be custom tailored to your specifications and musical taste.  This service costs $50.00 per song with discounts are available if the entire song is produced in-house.

Music Transcription

Professional transcription services are also available for those who would like their compositions realized as computer generated sheet music.  Whether the song is written out or not I can turn it into a full score and separate instrument and vocal parts that look beautiful and accurate. This service costs $20.00 per hour.
Drums and Piano Lessons
I also offer drum lessons and piano lessons for any and all levels of students living in the Northwest Ohio area.  Lessons cost $15.00 per half  hour lesson and $20.00 per hour lesson.


I can also serve as a consultant relating to studio set-up and recording/mixing/mastering.  This service costs $20.00 per hour.
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