Est. 2010

Past Projects

Red-Eye To Vegas Demo Release TBA
Monstrosadus TBA title LP (Entire Project) Release TBA
Sunz of Sam One Night Only LP (Entire Project) Released March 2017
The Eight Fifteens Self-titled Demo (Entire Project) Release February 2016
Owl Self-Titled TBA EP (Entire Project) Release TBA
Owl Sowlvation LP (Drums and Vocals) Release TBA
Owl Owlmageddon LP (Drums and Vocals) Release TBA
Illumira Illumira EP (entire project) released 2013
About Time The Secrets of Clocks and Calendars EP (Drums) Released 2013
Monstrosadus MONSTROSADUS LP (Enitre Project) Released 2013
Illumira Demo CD (entire project) released 2012
Common Hatred Sleeping Through The Apocalypse LP (Entire Project)  Released 2012

Owl Big Picture LP (Vocal Tracks) Released 2011
Scott Thompson Band 3 Song demo (Entire Project) Released 2011
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